A design studio specializing in building visibility, identity and visual branding for businesses and organizations
Click We provide a range of services, from developing the visual concept for companies and organizations, through the logo design, consulting design shops and businesses, design and visual variety of advertising products (trucks, packaging, cars, bags, billboards, etc.), business cards and web design.
Our clients range allows us the creative space ranging from cosmetic companies, business enterprises, institutions, restaurants and bars, small private businesses and large corporations.



1. Research
2. Fitting Concept
3. Sketches
4. design and attention to detail
5. Implementation

Head behind a click

Oak Vida, a designer with experience of 15 years in the US and Israel:

"Design of the eyes is a way to send a message with color and shape.

Has always loved design, creation, imagination.

The right design, visibility, visual identity, always begin serious and professional investigation, going from a thorough design process.

I love to go down to detail, precision and ensure that the design will serve the goals of the business. God is in the details, and they are very important and make a difference.

It is important that the client will like the design, but that seems no less important visual and design will serve the objectives of the company, organization or business. "


The method

1. Research
The investigation we are conducting a thorough acquaintance, patient and professional in your business.
The investigation is the characterization of the business, during which we check what color and shape connect business owners. In addition, we understand the objectives, nature and needs of the customer company or organization, all in order to provide the right visual visibility, one that will serve your business.

2. Fitting Concept
According to the investigation, we perform testing whether colors and shapes suitable for the nature of the company and its objectives through the conclusions obtained when we are designing the visual concept for your company.

3. Sketches
At this point we begin to formulate the idea behind the concept and bring it to fulfillment by building sketches and designs required.

4. design and attention to detail
After approval of the sketch comes the stage of finishing touches, we sanders and polishers sketches and bring them into a finished product ready for print or various reports as needed.

5. Implementation
Implementing all the designs done business advertising needs to align clear design and branding matches your business, such as business cards, website, stationery, publishing products, cover vehicles, packaging and more.


Our products

* Build a visual concept
* Design a logo
* Consultation visual branding shops and businesses
* Design of advertising a variety of materials
* Web Design
* Business Marketing and Advertising on Facebook